Jojoba Oil | Benefits For Your Skin

The jojoba plant is a perennial plant that is common in North America. It can grow in difficult conditions that can’t sustain any life. The nut from the plant has many huge health benefits for the users.

Another name people call the oil is Simmondsia Chinensis. It grows in southern California, southern Arizona, and northwestern Mexico.

Many people are of the opinion that Jojoba is an oil, that isn’t entirely true. Jojoba is not an oil. Rather, it is a plant wax with many health benefits. People use the oil to treat several health problems such as bruises and sores.

Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) FAQ

Many Jojoba oil users do ask a series of questions about the oil frequently. These users want answers that will help them understand the oil and methods of application. Their questions also show that they want to know the best way to use the oil to get the best results.

Here are some of the questions and answers that can help you know Jojoba oil and how it works better:

1. Is Pure Jojoba Pure In The Real Sense?

Pure Jojoba oil doesn’t have artificial components. Its only component, Jojoba oil, is a natural product. The oil is harmless according to some health organizations.

2. Why Do People Add Jojoba And Essential Oils?

Sometimes, users mix Jojoba oil with other essential oils to make it smell better. They are also of the opinion that the mixing will improve its attractiveness to users. The oil still maintains its naturalness regardless of the mixing.

3. Is The Oil Cold-pressed?

Yes! This process allows the oil to keep its aroma, flavor, and nutritional value. It is also the rationale behind the oil’s wide usage as a skin care product.

4. Where Is The Expiry Date On The Oil?

The company uses a special symbol to show the expiry date. It uses the Period After Opening symbol to show how long you can use the oil after you open it. For instance, if you open the oil and find an open pot or jar with a number written on it, the number shows the expiry period. If the symbol is an open jar with the number 10 written on it, that is the expiry period. This is because the number shows that you must use the oil within 10 months after opening it.

5. How Do I Handle The Oil If It Freezes?

The oil will freeze at 7 degrees Celsius or 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This is its natural freezing degree. If it freezes, don’t panic and don’t do anything about the oil but let the oil be until it thaws. This is because the freezing doesn’t mean that the oil is bad.

After thawing, the oil will return to its original condition. Note that the thawing won’t affect the oil’s quality because it is a stable liquid.

To prevent it from freezing, keep the oil in a place that is above 45 degrees Fahrenheit or 7 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, it will freeze again.

6. What If The Oil Changes Color?

The oil contains natural ingredients that some factors such as heat, age, and light can affect. These are the major factors that are responsible for its color change. When the oil undergoes color change, that doesn’t mean that the oil is bad. It is the oil’s response to these factors.

7. Is It Non-GMO?

Yes! The ingredients are natural and not artificial.

8. How Long Can I Store The Oil

The storage method you adopt for storing the oil will determine how long you can store it. If you store it in a cool and dry place, it will maintain its naturalness for up to 3 years. Keeping away from direct sunlight further sustains its value.

9. Does It Contain Parabens?

The simple answer to this is “No.” There are indications that parabens are harmful. Some parabens can look like estrogen, which causes some types of breast cancer. This is why it is not a component of the oil.

10. Where Should I Store The Oil?

You can store this oil in a dry and cool place with complete shielding from direct sunlight. You should also store away from high heat, flames, and children during storage.

Jojoba Oil for Acne

Jojoba oil is an effective oil that people struggling with acne can use to overcome this problem. Acne develops when some substances such as fat covers the pores. Most of the cosmetics in the market have animal fat components that can cover pores. They thereby expose the victim to a bout of acne. Since Jojoba contains natural ingredients, it doesn’t contain fat. This explains why the oil doesn’t cover pores and why it is great for treating acne.

What if you already have acne scars? You can get over the scars by using the oil. Jojoba oil will work and remove them over time.

How exactly does this work?

Jojoba is non-greasy and antiseptic. It opens the pores that are already covered and removes anything that may trigger acne. When you use the oil for a long time, it will reduce the spores’ sizes and oil production rate. This is a preventive measure against pore clogging and acne recurrence.

The oil also supports dead cell regeneration. If you have acne scars from the past, the oil will boost your cell’s ability to heal and regrow.

Leave the oil overnight to allow it to do its job. In the morning, wash the oil off with normal water. Repeat the application and cleaning for as many times as you desire until you get the desired result.

A Vitamin E Moisturizer

Vitamin E is an essential component of the body. It serves as an antioxidant and moisturizer and this makes it a very useful component of Jojoba oil. For instance, it can strengthen the skin’s capillary walls. It can also increase the skin’s elasticity and give it better moisture.

Vitamin E also acts as a natural anti-aging agent. It improves people’s looks and makes them look younger with shiny, radiant skin.

According to some studies, vitamin E helps the body and the skin to fight off inflammation. It banks on its anti-inflammatory properties to achieve this feat. As a result, the user will look younger and healthier.

Since Jojoba oil contains vitamin E, the skin layer absorbs it. When the body absorbs the vitamin, it helps the body to treat sunburns, another cause of skin cancer.

Vitamin E is also useful in other ways. Because it is a moisturizer and an antioxidant, it helps users to have thicker hair. This is especially important for users who are struggling with hair loss or baldness.

In general, the vitamin E in Jojoba oil will serve as a great protection for your body against moisture loss. This is possible as the oil leverages the power of the vitamin to make your skin glow and be succulent. The first step towards achieving this is to form a protective covering for your skill cells. This serves as immunity to excessive exposure to the sun, a perfect antidote to moisture loss.

If you wish, you can add the oil to your homemade cosmetics and apply it to your face to allow it to do its job. Many users use the oil alone and have the same result as well.

Jojoba Oil Vs Argan Oil

Jojoba and Argan are two oils with many health benefits. The oils share some similarities and differences.

If you are not sure about the better of the two oils, the article will help you out. It will compare the two oils to enable you to make a personal choice.

You already know a bit about Jojoba oil from this article. What is Argan oil?

Argan oil has its origins in Morocco. The oil is a product of the Argan tree that can grow in this country only. Workers use different techniques to get the oil from its source. So, the workers can produce large quantities of the oil.

You can see how the oils fare in comparison to each other.

  • Sun protection: Jojoba oil is better for sun protection than Argan oil. This oil has a better natural SPF than Argan oil. It has an SPF of 4 while Argan doesn’t have any SPF protection. This is proof that Jojoba oil is better at protecting people from sun ray than Argan oil.
  • Moisturizing: The two oils are good moisturizers. They contain several ingredients that make them the best moisturizers in the market. The ingredients are also good for improving facial texture.
  • Eczema relief: Eczema is one of the many health problems that Jojoba oil can treat better than Argan oil. The oil’s major ingredients make it a potent weapon against dangerous bacteria. They also support its ability to get rid of skin irritants that are common in people with eczema. Jojoba oil can also cover your skin to prevent any irritant from reaching the skin and attack it. This makes it more effective as anti-eczema oil than Argan oil.
  • Acne: Both oils are good for treating acne. Their components put them in good stead to treat acne. They also remove potential sources of the skin infection. When you use any of the oils regularly, acne will disappear.
  • Dandruff control: Jojoba is the winner here. Zinc and selenium are two of the major components of Jojoba oil. They are the major components of most dandruff shampoos. These are also the components that make this oil rank high among known oils for dandruff control.
  • Hair loss prevention: Clogging is one of the several causes of hair loss. Many hair loss sufferers have their sebum to blame for this. When the sebum glands in the hair follicles produce more hair oil than the follicles need, the excess oil covers the pores.

This prevents the follicles from boosting hair growth. This is one of the causes of hair loss. Jojoba oil can reverse this problem and prevent hair loss. This is because it can dissolve the sebum and control its oil production. It can do this to the quantity the follicles need for hair growth.

From this comparison, it is clear that Jojoba oil is better than Argan oil. It can treat more health conditions, making it more effective for home use.

Top Benefits of Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is one of the most beneficial oils around. Its popularity is due to its tons of amazing benefits that range from skin health to hair health.

Some of the outstanding benefits of using this oil are:

  1. It promotes skin health

Looking good is what we all cherish. We all want that special product that can reduce the problems of aging. Jojoba is an effective anti-aging product. It can reverse some of the common symptoms of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.

The oil contains iodine. This is an effective ingredient that can fight off harmful bacteria. It also prevents them from growing in the body.

It even soothes wrinkles and fine lines. If you use the oil regularly, it will protect you against these skin conditions. It will help make you look healthier and younger.

The oil is rich in vitamin E. This vitamin is very effective when removing free radicals from the body. Free radicals are the substances that cause the skin to age. When you use the oil consistently for a long time, it will make your wrinkles and fine lines reduce.

It also contains antioxidants and linoleic acid. These two ingredients help the skin cells grow back. This is so the user will look younger while the skin looks smoother.

  1. It promotes hair health

If you are struggling with hair loss or you want healthier hair, Jojoba oil will assist you to grow your hair back. It will also make it healthier and fuller.

The oil will replenish your hair moisture and improve its texture too. This will make your hair grow stronger and look healthier and shiny.

Hair tangles are also very common with long hair and can be frustrating. When you use the oil on your hair, it will detangle the hair and make it feel smooth to the touch. Jojoba oil also helps to take care of broken hair and other hair-related problems.

  1. It fights infections and fungi

Jojoba oil contains ingredients that give it anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. The oil is a great product for treating fungi and infections.

Athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and warts are some of the infections you can treat with this oil. Individuals who are struggling with inflammation can also find relief in the oil. It can remove the potential cause of the inflammation.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with a disturbing wound, apply the oil to the wound. Jojoba oil is known for helping to speed up the healing of wounds.

Research shows that the oil makes it easier for skin cells to bind together. This is good news for users who are treating cuts or scratches on their skin. The vitamin E component of the oil is one of the factors that makes it great for healing wounds.

  1. It is a good facial cleanser and makeup remover

If you want a great makeup remover, Jojoba oil is the ideal oil for that. It will remove makeup from your face and keep it clean. This also serves as a facial cleanser that can remove dirt and other impurities from your face to keep it clean.

Its cleansing properties will assist the oil to remove all traces of your makeup. This will happen faster than many other products out there. You only have to rub the oil over your face if you want to remove your makeup or cleanse your face. Use a moist cotton ball to remove the remaining oil when you are through.

You must be cautious when you are applying the oil to the sensitive parts around your eyes. You don’t want to do anything that will affect your sight.

  1. It removes sun tan

Excessive exposure to the sun during sunbathing may be harmful to you. It may affect your skin and give you sunburn. Sometimes, skin redness may also result from excessive exposure to the sun. This can be quite embarrassing and painful.

Jojoba oil is replete with many health benefits. One of such is that users can use the oil to remove unwanted skin redness and sunburns. It removes the burning sensation from excessive exposure to the sun. At the same time, it also repairs the skin that suffers most from the sun. When you use the oil regularly, your feelings improve as the oil removes the impact of the sun on your skin.

Jojoba oil is one of the best skincare and beauty products on the market. Its many health benefits places it in a league of its own. It contains some powerful antioxidants and anti-aging components. These help users to maintain a beautiful, healthier and younger look. It has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of acne and other skin related problems.

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