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We have just 3 lines of beard oils, with multiple scents and blends of each type. Our standard beard oils are formulated with all of the best organic carrier oils and essential oils. Our AFG* line adds pheromones to help improve your game. Our Hunter Select helps you get your game. < – Like what we did there?

Beard Oils

Our beard oils are made with the finest organic ingredients. We search for the best ingredients, to formulate the best products, to ensure the best experience for our valuable clients. Quality will never be an issue.

AFG – All F*cks given

BeardSexy designed the AFG product line, with you in mind. Using our trusted sources for pheromones, these products are ready for you to put them to the test. Can we guarantee success? No. You still need landing skills.

Hunter Select

Love to hunt? Looking for a great scent block for that sexy beard of yours? Our Hunter Select line is the perfect solution for maintaining your beard sexiness, while out on the prowl for your 12 point trophy. Specially formulated with added deer urine, your beard will help draw all the bucks to you.

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“WOW. I’ve used a lot of different beard oils, but nothing compares to the oils that BeardSexy offers. The scents are amazing. The quality is amazing. The service is amazing. Have I used the word amazing enough? Best products on the market.”

John Bryant

“The shine that BeardSexy’s oils produce for my beard are the best I’ve ever had. I have no issues with beardruff with their products, unlike products I’ve used from their competitors. I can’t thank you guys enough for such an amazing product line, and more importantly your customer service.”

Bobby Littlefield




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